Distributors Benefit

Out do your competitors with innovation and always be one step ahead with our unique steam & vacuum cleaner with UV light.

New markets

Enter a new & profitable market
How many people do you know that own a steam cleaner? You enter a complete virgin and fast growing market with an innovate product the world will scream for! BE part right from the beginning!

No competition

Play by your own rules
BlueEvolution is without competition on the market! No competitor is able to offer all benefits we combine in one product. And don't fear the digital world: There is no internet sale!

New technology

Stop competing in price
Your only argument is no longer the price! You own a new product that will offer a huge benefit to your customers and is very efficient to use! In the end, they will safe money again.

new safety

Reduce possibilities of injuring
With BlueEvolution you raise the standards of safeness on your overall work environment! Increase your employee protection with the easy handling and never have problems with slippery floors again.


Finally you can offer a new solution to your customer!

End-User Benefit