The BlueEvolution is more flexible than any other professional steam-vacuum cleaner. Both the steam and suction power have 3 settings. You can also regulate the hot water inflow continuously using a control valve, which allows you to set the soaking effect on the device individually. Full power for a greater clean & Kind to the environment!

The BlueEvolution is kinder to the environment than almost any other cleaning system. It is only filled with clear water and minimises water consumption thanks to the steam pressure. There is no need for any harmful or really aggressive chemicals. The applications of the BlueEvolution are practically limitless. The BlueEvolution really comes into its own in areas of high public traffic. Even large areas can be cleaned efficiently and quickly with little effort. Pathogens don't stand a chance!

Make steam with the cleaning revolution for all industries.
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blueEvolution S+


Steam 347°F | Vacuum | UV Light | Extraction | Hot Water | Air Purifier

International expertise

Premium Quality from Germany | Manufactured in Italy | Intellectual Patented Property



Improve the Sanitation in fast time
Touch points, tables, floors, kitchen, playroom bathroom areas. BE improves a clean, germ-free work environment with efficiency & effectiveness.


No scrubbing, no chemicals
The beam BlueEvolution also dissolves fat in hard-to-reach places with no strong cleaning products.


From carpets to upholstery
The beam BlueEvolution cleans almost any surface streak-free and deep.


Gyms, saunas and spas
It's good for people to sweat. Thanks to BE it's no longer a problem for others. All equipment and contact surfaces can be cleaned perfectly.


Hygienic surfaces
The hot steam thoroughly cleans your practice rooms with little effort and a big impact for your


Gleaming sales areas
Tough dirt and odours vanish in no time at all.