BE 1 step ahead

Feel the unexpected with BlueEvolution's all-in-one steam & vacuum cleaner and take it to the next level. There is no similar product in the market which is so clean, universal applicable and easy to handle.

BE efficient

Cut down cleaning time and combine several steps in one.

BE sanitized

Become germ-free with the innovative use of UV light

BE Clever

Clean every single surface with one machine

BE sustainable

Eliminate chemicals and water wastage

Easy handling

Use the super heated dry steam with comfortable handling
Simply switch between different heavy duties accesoires!

Combined Steps

Enjoy the all-in-one process
Save time as you combine several cleaning steps in one process: Vacuuming, steam cleaning, eradicating, drying, hot water and air purifying.

Facts Feel Faster

Kill germs and bacteria

Work with super heated dry steam & UV light
While the super heated dry steam kills all bacteria right in the cleaning process without the use of chemicals, the UV light ensures they do not regenerate.


Breath the innovative water filter with UV germ-killer
All the vacuumed dirt will be trapped through the innovative water filter and bombarded by the UV light. The output air will be clean and sanitized from unpleased and dangerous odors and germs.

Facts Feel Healthy

Every Material

Do all types of cleaning
Whip away dirt, dissolve grease, eliminate odor and kill germs. All with one machine. Also feel the super heated dry steam like the one in a sauna: Very gentle, soft on your skin, but extremely strong with other surfaces.

Every surface

Deal with all types of surfaces
Clean every surface from floor to window and everything else.

Facts Feel Armed

Eliminate Chemicals

Stop being dependent on chemicals
The use of chemicals are history as you are able to do every task without them. Killing germs, cleaning, refreshing the air and more.

Safe water and waste

Reduce your overall wastage
Safe up to 93% of your water wastage through the innovative cleaning process and lower your overall pollution as you don't need additions anymore.

Facts Feel natural