Surprise your customers with an unexpected fresh environment and beat your competitors in quality and not in price! Win new customers with a better place to eat, stay, play and study and improve their life.

For your Community

Everybody feels much better in a sanitized and fresh place after BlueEvolution Cleaning!
School, Swimming pool, Public Offices, Retirement house, Kindergarden, Gyms, Toilette, Bathroom, Shower, Hospital, Waiting room, Train, Bus, Train Station, Airport, etc.

For your Business

Retain your customers as your clients will enjoy and reward you for your upgrade on cleanliness and sanitation. Customers will feel much more comfortable in a sanitized environment.

Win new Customers from your Competitors

Nobody likes to use a dirty or malodor changing room in a sport hall. Nobody likes to use a dirty WC in a Restaurant. They are your future new customers! Compete in service and sanitation.

For your Employees

Your employees will feel a much better working condition. Now they can clean using less chemical and less time work to remove nasty and hard dirty places.

For your CFO

Time is money: Be fast and better with BlueEvolution!

  • Reduce cleaning costs
  • Reduce time
  • Less expenses on chemicals
  • Less expenses on stock management
  • Less capex costs


For Safety

  • Improve Health Protection to Employees and Customers
  • Provide a great benefit activities on preventing accidents and eliminating root causes, continually reducing injuries and process incidents as part of your journey to achieving zero injuries
  • No more slippery on dangerous wet floors, less oil or grease on the floor or working area
  • Today bus cleaning workers use chemicals 8 hours/day. No need with BlueEvolution
  • No Cross Contamination for food industry, bakery etc.